Bible Teaching Material
These Gypsy children in Ukraine cannot read, but enjoy looking at the pictures in the Seed of Truth magazine.

A Great Dearth of Bible Teaching Material

Do you ever long for reading material to nurture your soul? Or maybe you struggle to find time to read the material you have. While many of our bookshelves overflow with doctrinally sound books and magazines, Biblical teaching material is scarce in many parts of the world.

CAM responds to this dearth of Bible teaching material through the Seed of Truth and Antorcha de la Verdad (Torch of Truth) magazines. From remote mountain areas of Peru to crowded cities of Russia, and to the homes of persecuted believers, these magazines nurture souls, urge readers to obey God’s Word, and point unbelievers to Jesus.

Here are some letters from readers:

From an elderly woman in Russia:

“I am an old woman, and have been a Christian for 28 years . . . Many of our ministers were raised in Mennonite families who had been exiled to Kazakhstan, Ural, Siberia, and other regions [during communist times]. They hold fast to what they learned during their childhood time. Through reading [the Seed of Truth] I receive a lot of edification . . . I not only read the articles, but also try to meditate on them. I will give the magazines to my brothers and sisters in the church.”

From a 39-year-old widow:

“My husband spent a lot of money on alcohol and cigarettes, although he knew that we and our children would be hungry then. He died in great pain because of his smoking and alcoholism. Two years ago I became a Christian . . . I am very glad that the magazines you publish contain articles about the hazards of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and cigarettes. Through such articles, you can save some people from dying such a horrible death like my husband. The articles help people find the way to the Lord Jesus Christ.”

CAM distributes millions of copies of Christian family magazines each year. However, the demand and the opportunities are much larger. This is especially so in countries where believers have little or no access to Bibles and Christian literature. Thank you, supporters, for your help in providing these precious magazines for spiritually hungry people around the world.

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