Maria Badalache, a Gypsy from a rural village in Romania, has been a widow for 24 years. First, she raised her own children, and then she raised her children’s children. Now, at 72 years old, Maria is even helping to raise her great-grandchildren. Their parents moved to the city for work.

“I am very tired,” Maria told CAM staff recently when they visited her. She was trembling and struggled to talk. “I don’t have the medicine I need for my epilepsy.”

Yet in spite of her problems, Maria was grateful. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” she exclaimed when the staff gave her a food parcel. “God bless you.”

Maria (pictured below) is one of numerous people who have been spiritually impacted through the Jericho Road Program. She is anticipating baptism!

Through food parcels, remedial schools, agricultural projects, and home Bible studies, the overriding goal of the Jericho Road Program is to reach out to people who have been “left by the wayside” and point them to God.

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