warm comforter, Christian Aid Ministries
Marius with his CAM-donated comforter.

A warm comforter for Marius

Marius is a handicapped eleven-year-old boy who lives in Moldova, a part of the former Soviet Union. His parents live and work in another country, so Marius stays in a Christian home for handicapped boys. Because of his disabilities, he has a feeding tube and spends most of his days in a wheelchair. The gift of a thick, colorful warm comforter is a huge blessing to Marius. It keeps him warm during Moldova’s bitter winter and brings a bright spot to his life.

CAM could use at least 100,000 comforters per year. We also need funds to ship them to needy recipients.

Do you have a new comforter you wish to donate? Please ship it to our Indiana Clothing Center: Christian Aid Ministries, 660B S. Van Buren St., Shipshewana, IN 46565, or drop it off at any CAM location.