Romolica grew up in an orphanage and now, in her elderly years, poor Romolica has no family to help her. Her home is an old, 20 ft. semi trailer that gets very warm in the summer and cold in the winter.

“She is among the very poor,” says Elena Marza, CAM staff member in Romania. “She has no income other than people’s generosity.” Christians living nearby help care for Romolica, and she receives a Help-for-the-Elderly food parcel and $10 cash from her CAM sponsors each month.

Romolica became a believer in Christ just eight years ago. Her previous lifestyle of smoking and drinking has taken a toll on her aging body. She suffers from heart disease, stomach issues, and joint problems. Without running water or indoor plumbing in the trailer, Romolica must make frequent trips outside. Climbing the tall steps is excruciating for her aching joints.

In spite of her circumstances, Romolica is joyful in the Lord and spends much of her time reading the Bible and singing from a handwritten notebook of songs.

To help meet urgent needs among the elderly, please choose from the options below. $49 provides a 25-pound food parcel and $10 cash.

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