Around the globe, many unreached people groups have no Bible in their language. Bible translating is not a quick and glamorous work that shows fast results, but involves many people who invest many years of work.

CAM supports All-Nations Bible Translation (ABT), a conservative Anabaptist group that facilitates Bible translation for unreached people groups. Let’s take a look at various places where ABT workers are stationed.


After two and a half years of language study, the team stationed in southern Mexico has started translating the Gospel of Luke into the Yoloxochitl dialect of Mixtec.


The Mayangna people of Nicaragua use a Bible translation that has proven inadequate for various reasons. A couple and a national family are teaming together to translate Genesis and the Gospels into Mayangna.


Exploratory teams have found language groups in the Amazon that need Bible translation and church planting. An Anabaptist family in Colombia is preparing to move close to the first target region to prepare for the arrival of future ABT workers.

Apart from the countries where ABT is active, they are also working toward starting translation projects in Niger. A nomadic people group will be the focus in Niger. ABT is also investigating possibilities of working among the Cree people in the western James Bay region in Canada.

“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations . . .” Matthew 24:14

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