Twin toddlers, Sally and Morris, both have fevers. Emmanuel dumped hot water on himself and sorely burned his skin. Eight-month-old Musu is severely malnourished.

These are just a few of the cases seen at C.H. Rennie Hospital in Liberia. Here, needy patients receive quality medicines through CAM’s Medicines-for-Multitudes program.

This program provides 40 clinics and hospitals throughout Liberia with medicines on a monthly basis. Although the government also provides a small amount of medicines, the medicines tend to be poor quality. Without the donated medicines from CAM, healthcare providers would struggle to treat their patients effectively.

Meds are especially valued at the Providence Health Clinic operated by Dr. Lamin, a Liberian Mennonite man. Settled in an extremely poor section of Liberia’s capital, this clinic is hard to get to because of ruts and muddy roads. During rainy season, CAM distribution drivers aren’t always able to make it to the clinic. Since Dr. Lamin knows they can’t operate without the supplies, he sends people out with wheelbarrows to retrieve these valuable medicines from the CAM truck.

Throughout Liberia, doctors and nurses are so thankful for a source of reliable medicines. One nurse said, “When you stop helping us, you stop helping multitudes of people.” Thank you, supporters, for providing medicines for multitudes!

“Great multitudes came together . . . TO BE HEALED BY HIM of their infirmities.”

—Luke 5:15b

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