I was recently privileged to be part of a three-man team who traveled to Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan. We visited various projects CAM supports and met with war refugees. Our goal was to better understand what to expect as the Middle East conflict continues and to reassess the best ways to help.

We encountered many sad and needy situations. Cold, rainy conditions helped us experience what life is like inside the makeshift tents that thousands call home, even during winter. As we helped our contacts distribute food parcels, layette bundles, and Bible story books, we saw smiles and much gratefulness. We also saw tears and deep sorrow (yes, they have feelings just like we do) as refugees recounted the horrors and losses they endured while fleeing guns, bombs, and missiles.

The face of one Yezidi man is etched in my mind as he shared how his wife and four children were kidnapped by ISIS. Tears trickled down his face when I prayed for him. Please pray for our staff in the Middle East as they minister to the needs of war refugees. Thank you for your generous support!

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