Here in the United States, Gypsies once traveled the country, selling their wares and living in camps. People held them at arm’s length, assuming the worst. While most Gypsies in the United States have blended into the mainstream culture, in many parts of the world, Gypsies have maintained their own distinct culture.

Thousands of Gypsies live in Romania. Some are wealthy while others are desperately poor. But almost all of them carry the stigma—they can’t be trusted, and they can’t be reached.

But we know that Gypsies have tremendous potential and can be reached. That is why CAM staff in Romania invest time and energy to assist needy, neglected Gypsies. Through the Jericho Road Program, they reach out through home Bible studies, Christian literature distributions, remedial schools, marriage seminars, and agricultural projects.

Tina is someone who was impacted through the Jericho Road Program. God drew Tina to Himself in an unusual way.

Years ago, during CAM’s early days in Romania, staff members held Bible studies in a Gypsy apartment complex that some called a beggars’ den. Vasalica, a young girl from CAM’s orphanage, would sometimes help interpret. One day, while a Bible study was being held in her neighbor’s apartment, Tina was listening from the other side of the wall. She heard the voice of a young girl interpreting a Gospel message. She felt deeply convicted. Shame swept over her. How could this little girl know so much more about the Lord than I do? she wondered.

In the weeks that followed, Tina asked questions and sought answers. She soon found her way to Jesus, chose to follow Him, and was later baptized. Today, she is still walking with Him.

Please pray that more Gypsies will come to Jesus as we reach out to those whom society has cast aside as hopeless.

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