A Chance To Survive
The deep-fried dough ball Wideline nibbles on reflects the little nutrition her parents can afford.

A chance to survive

We typically depend on donated nutritional items for malnourished children and adults. But the supply is not nearly enough to meet the huge demand. This year, as funds are available, we hope to purchase several semi loads of nutritional drink mix. This will help those suffering from malnutrition. Sometimes the help arrives too late, but for many malnourished children, this nutrition gives them a chance to survive.

Weighing only 16 pounds, two-year-old Wideline was at the beginning stages of malnutrition when she came to a CAM-supported clinic in Haiti. Her mother Lisiane traveled six hours to get to the clinic. She and her husband struggle to provide nutritious food for their family. Most of their children have gone through malnutrition recovery programs. The clinic staff gave Lisiane a bottle of chocolate bone protein powder. This will start Wideline on a path to good health.