For the last ten minutes your billboard has been in view, and I decided to give you a call.”

Julio* was creeping through Los Angeles traffic, and the CAM billboard kept staring at him. His God-given hunger to know truth was being stirred by the Gospel sign.

When our phone team member asked Julio how much he knows about the Bible, Julio replied, “Not very much.”

This answer is echoed by multitudes of others in our nation. Like Julio, an increasing number of Americans know little about God and the Bible. Many have set their course toward following self, distorting truth, and living life without godly values. Yet a deep desire to know truth remains in many hearts.

Through Billboard Evangelism, we have a prime opportunity to expose our fellow Americans to God and His ways every day. We are living in an age of tremendous opportunity. At this time the door still stands open to freely post billboards, speak to thousands on the phone about the truth of Jesus, and mail Christian literature packets all across America. We have the tools available to fight for the souls of men.

You might wonder, How can 724 billboards make a difference for a population exceeding 326 million? With God’s help, these simple Gospel messages can have an impact. If we look to God, He is able to bring about amazing victories, just like He did for Gideon and his men who were outnumbered 500 to 1. God is on the side of His people!

With 24 phone team members, more than 700 billboards seen by more than 10 million people each day, and many prayer warriors, the course of spiritually impoverished souls can be redirected to the Bread of Life who can fill their hunger for truth.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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