Schools with godly teachers and good learning experiences are scarce in Liberia. “At many Liberian schools, bribery is common. Students have to pay money, or worse, to get good grades,” reports Curt Kauffman in Liberia.

Besides bribery, immorality, lying, and cheating, the quality of education is very low in many Liberian schools. Textbooks are largely unavailable, and most Liberian schoolteachers rely on their memory to teach the classes. If a school doesn’t pass a student to the next grade, the student often goes to another school with lower standards to be moved to the next grade. Thus, many graduates leave school with minimal reading comprehension.

In 2003, Light Mennonite Church in Liberia opened a Christian school for children from the church and community. It has now expanded to a second school, Hope Mennonite. Both schools are partially funded by CAM, giving more than 230 students an opportunity to attend.

“We continuously work with the teachers to be good examples and teach Biblical principles along with the academics,” Curt says. Once a week, Curt teaches a morality class for students ages 13 and up. As a result of the class, some students have repented and are now members of the church.

In addition to Biblical teaching, the students also receive quality academic teaching. They have textbooks to use, mostly from Rod & Staff, and a thorough phonics program.

Learning to read and write is very important in a country like Liberia where jobs are scarce. “Having an education means you will be able to hold a decent job instead of just selling things on the street day after day, living off your neighbors, or begging,” Curt shares. While many Liberian parents struggle to pay tuition to send their children to a decent school, CAM’s International-Sponsor-A-Student supporters are filling in the gap for some.

There is a continual need for more sponsors for children who would like to attend a good, Christian school. If you wish to help, please choose from the options below. A donation of $50 per month supports one student. Monthly sponsors will receive a photo with the name and grade of their sponsored student.

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