Let’s “visit” a few countries where CAM sends clothing and try to understand why donated clothing is needed there.

First we’ll go to Nicaragua, the largest country in Central America. Nearly 80 percent of Nicaraguans live on less than $2 a day. Many are just scraping by, with no excess money to spend on clothes. Since this is a warm weather area, people do not need sweaters and winter clothes, but poverty makes it difficult for them to buy even the basic shirts, pants, dresses, and shoes.

Next we’ll head across the Atlantic Ocean to South Sudan, one of the world’s poorest countries. In the villages, a lot of people live without many of the things we call necessities. They struggle just to feed their families each day, much less provide suitable clothing. CAM shipped a sea container of clothing to South Sudan for the first time in 2016. This clothing will be a blessing to people in this desperately poor country.

Traveling north about 2,500 miles, we enter the rural countryside of Romania. It feels like stepping back in time. Shepherds are out in the meadows with the sheep, elderly ladies sit outside on their benches talking, and children play in the yards. But for rural Romanians, life is hard, not idyllic. Many cannot find a job that brings steady income, and when winter comes, some cannot afford to heat their homes. Warm clothing is in high demand.

For people in these and many other impoverished countries, the gift of clothing is a great help. Whether they need to replace their worn-out clothes or bundle up with numerous layers to stay warm through the winter, the donated clothing they receive is a huge blessing.

CAM supporters generously donate tons of used clothing each year. However, shipping the clothing to its final destination is expensive. If you wish to help with the costs of shipping clothing to needy people in various countries, please choose from the options below.

One-time Donation

Monthly Sponsorship

YES, I intend to give monthly donations to help supply clothing for needy people in various countries. $69 ships 115 pounds of clothing, footwear, and comforters.