Many of us stand in front of our closets, wondering which clothes we should wear. We have many options. But in other parts of the world, impoverished people wonder where they will get enough clothes. They have almost no options.

CAM staff member Kendra Good recently told about a little girl in Liberia (pictured on front) who was especially happy to receive a dress at a clothing distribution. Earlier that day, while our staff was holding a children’s Bible class in the school, the villagers did not let her in because she had no clothes on. The girl sat outside and watched. She was overjoyed when a staff member gave her a dress. “She ran straight home to show it to her mother,” Kendra says. “She may have had only one set of clothing and it was being washed.”

Thanks to generous donors, CAM receives about two million pounds of donated clothing, footwear, and comforters each year. We are continually in need of funds to help move the clothing from our warehouse to needy people in various countries.

Why is the Clothing Bundle Project important?

Displaced people in the Middle East fled with few belongings when their homes were destroyed in the widespread violence. Some fled long distances on foot and weren’t able to carry much, taking along only bare necessities.Others fled quickly and were left with only the clothes on their backs. In the countries where they now live, new clothes are usually too expensive to buy.They are grateful for gifts of shoes and clothing.

In Ukraine, about 1.4 million people are displaced because of the war. Many of them had to flee their homes with only what they could carry or pack into a small car. Some of their homes have since been looted or bombed, so they have lost everything else. Jobs are scarce, forcing them to spend frugally what little money they have left. A gift of quality used clothing will leave more of their precious resources for things like food and medical care.

Winter clothes, such as coats and thermal underwear, are especially important as winter approaches. “Natural gas prices in Ukraine are skyrocketing due to government subsidies being removed,” says Nathan Miller, CAM field director in Ukraine. “Many will wear sweaters or even coats indoors since they cannot afford to heat their houses to comfortable temperatures.”

In Romania, CAM staff member Ellis Schrock says they are unable to meet the demands for clothing. “In late summer the requests for clothing become urgent, as families are looking for a way to clothe their schoolchildren. In villages and isolated areas, the possibilities of finding a source of income are very limited, and there is often no money for even secondhand clothing . A bag full of good quality clothing helps boost both their morale and their budget.” Families often make use of everything they find in the bag. When a clothing item doesn’t fit anyone in the family, they will pass it on to someone else.

How can you help?

At CAM, we receive about the right amount of clothing, but we struggle to get sufficient funds specified to ship the clothing. The cost of the Clothing Bundle Project this year is estimated at $1,275,000. Currently we have received about $450,000. If you wish to contribute to the Clothing Bundle Project, your funds will be used to help ship and distribute clothing, shoes, and comforters to refugees, needy families, and others who struggle in poverty. Each $69 delivers an average of 125 pounds of clothing, footwear, comforters, and fabric into the hands of people in need.

“[I was] naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me” (Matthew 25:36).