In tent camps sprinkled throughout Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, some Syrian refugees are facing their sixth winter in makeshift shelters. Towering above them are the snow-covered mountains that separate them from their war-torn homeland of Syria.

CAM staff visit the Bekaa Valley frequently, and one of their visits last winter came a week after the valley had received one of its heaviest recorded snowfalls. Thousands of refugees live in this valley, and their struggle for survival is made even more difficult by the region’s wet and often snowy winters.

Along with other aid, CAM has been distributing hand-made comforters to refugee families in Lebanon. These warm blankets bless the refugees not just through the warmth they provide but also because of the care they communicate. One of our contacts in Lebanon said, “Because these items are hand-made, it shows the refugees that these are gifts from people who are their friends, who are caring for their agonies.”

Thank you, donors, for showing your care through the gift of comforters.

CAM could use 100,000 comforters every year.
Comforters are distributed to refugees and needy people in various countries. If you wish to help with funds to ship comforters overseas, please choose from the options below. If you have a comforter you would like to donate, please drop it off at any CAM location.

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