Life is given by God and meant to be lived. But in remote areas of Haiti, malnutrition and poverty are draining life from many children.

In Haiti, six-month-old Clarvensky was wasting away. His mama disappeared when he was a month old and left him in the yard. Several ladies in the village took pity upon the child and tried to care for him. Clarvensky was very sick and kept losing weight. Worried, the ladies brought the suffering child to the Real Hope for Haiti clinic for help.

Through CAM’s Save-A-Life program, Clarvensky has a chance at life. At the clinic, he received Pedialyte that helps restore fluid and electrolytes. With proper nutrition and the care he needs, Clarvensky has begun the road to recovery.

According to Global Acute Malnutrition, about 35 percent of children in Haiti face a hunger crisis. That means for every 100 children, 35  are wasted, meaning they have lost muscle and fat mass due to protein deficiency and severe undernourishment.

While many malnourished victims are children, adults also suffer from unbalanced diets. For many Haitians, the daily affordable meals of rice mixed with a skimpy amount of beans or vegetables may offer a little satisfaction for their hunger but hardly provides the nutrition they need to live healthy lives.

CAM’s Save-A-Life program has been making a difference in Haiti by providing protein powder to a very remote medical clinic in the mountains of Haiti. This powder provides much-needed protein and adds a flavor that is appealing to Haitians when they mix it with rice and beans.

“The protein is exactly what they need to correct this [malnutrition] problem,” the administrator at this clinic says. “Thank you so much for this donation to our clinic.”

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