Historic flooding, leading to nine deaths, has affected nearly half the state of South Carolina. The hardest hit area, a swath through the middle of the state, received up to two feet of rain in spots. On Monday, rescue teams were still working to free people trapped in flooded homes.

“We have lost everything,” said Angela Williams, a resident in Columbia who watched the flood destroy her neighborhood. “Pretty much everybody down that hill has lost everything . . . our vehicles, our clothes, everything. But the best thing is we still have our lives.”

Miles of interstate highways and dozens of roads throughout the state are closed with large portions washed out, and about 20,000 homes and businesses are without power.

CAM’s Rapid Response teams are investigating ways to assist, but so far, impassable roads and continuing rainfall have made it difficult to do much research.

After the rain has stopped and the floodwaters have receded, we will bring in volunteers to help victims clean out flooded houses, carry out damaged furniture, and tear out soggy drywall.

As always, our goal is to bring hope and comfort to those who have suffered loss and to show the love of Jesus. Please pray for our staff and volunteers as they minister to flood victims.

Information taken from various news sources.