Disaster Response, Christian Aid Ministries
Anna receives a comforter from a DRS volunteer after her house is completed.

Disaster Response brings hope to a widow

Disaster Response teams helped repair ninety-three-year-old Anna’s* house after Hurricane Michael swept through her neighborhood in Florida. When the work teams arrived at her door, she often greeted them with, “You are such a blessing!”

After Anna’s house was completed, she was delighted when CAM gave her a comforter, a Bible, and a jar of jam. She was also excited to put her clothes back in her closet and drawers instead of keeping them in boxes.

Anna’s steadfast faith through many hardships is encouraging. She raised her son alone after she was widowed at a young age. She also raised her brother after her mother passed away when Anna was young. Through all this Anna continues to serve God faithfully and says, “I am blessed!”

*Name changed to protect identity.