Pam has faced many trials and disappointments. A number of years ago, one of her sons died from a disease. Then in 2013, another son was killed when a tornado swept through Oklahoma. That same tornado damaged Pam’s home.

When Pam tried to get her home repaired, she became the victim of contractor fraud. Then two aid organizations checked out her housing situation, giving Pam hope that they would help fix her home, but in the end, they left without helping. Pam became discouraged and confused. She struggled with bitterness.

When CAM learned about Pam’s need, we agreed to repair her house. Our volunteer crew is reframing all the interior walls and some of the exterior walls. We are encouraged to see that Pam’s outlook on life is gradually changing, and we pray that she will find the true source of joy in Jesus Christ. Pam commented, “Seeing you work together is beautiful. I can see God’s love in you.”