Millions of dollars’ worth of medicines, nutritional supplements, and other items are donated to CAM each year. Through the Gifts-That-Grow program, CAM is able to procure these items and make them available to needy people in developing countries.

Figueroa and his wife Paula have been coming to CAM’s Balm of Gilead Clinic in Waslala, Nicaragua, for years. Neither of them knows their age, but Figueroa counts back to the war he remembers as a teenager and calculates that he is well past 100 years old. He thinks his wife is in her 80s. Since most ladies of this age can no longer do their own housework, but Paula still does, she assumes she must be in her 60s!

Figueroa is amazingly active, but his body has endured many years of hard labor farming the jungles and hills of Waslala. He comes to the clinic for pain medications and vitamins. Paula suffers from a slow-growing skin cancer on her face, so she is happy for the antibiotics and creams she is given to control secondary infections. The couple is also glad for VitaSure, a dietary supplement that strengthens their aging bodies.

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