In a village in Orissa, India, elephants once again rampaged through people’s houses and gardens. The elephants ate the villagers’ rice, damaged their gardens, destroyed houses and outdoor kitchens, broke the few cooking utensils the villagers had, and even killed an elderly man who was unable to escape. Elephants had also attacked villages in Orissa in 2009, leaving behind death and destruction.

This area of India is in deep poverty. So poor, in fact, that news sources reported that one young woman in the region recently sold her six-year-old son to a trucker for about $4 USD. “Most of this area is desperately poor,” reports a contact who works with orphans CAM sponsors in India. “I am sure that most of these people do not have the income to replace these damaged items easily. It would be similar to a major catastrophe for one of us.”

We are working through contacts in India to purchase bulk food, basic household goods, and cooking utensils for about 126 families. Thank you for your support!