Youth Bible school at Suceava Mennonite Church in Romania.

Embassies of God’s Kingdom

When CAM establishes bases in other countries, we like to have a church nearby that shares our beliefs. These churches not only provide a place where our field staff can worship, but they open spiritual opportunities in the community.

Through the Church Planting Program, CAM financially supports several church-planting efforts in Haiti, Romania, and Liberia. Each of these churches plays the important role of being “embassies” of God’s Kingdom in places where CAM is working. Here is a brief overview of each church plant.

Suceava Mennonite Church, Romania

Due to CAM distributing a huge amount of Christian literature in Romania over the years, many Romanians are seeking for more Biblical fellowship. Suceava Mennonite Church is a place where they can see and experience the body of Christ living out the teachings they read about in our books and periodicals.

La Source Mennonite Church, Haiti

Despite the oppressive witchcraft that is common in Haiti, God has worked in hearts and drawn people to Himself through the church plant in La Source. This small congregation provides a place of discipleship and fellowship for Haitian believers as well as for our staff. The church in La Source has 38 national members; its outreach church in the nearby village of Nan Carre has 13 members.

Light Mennonite Church | Hope Mennonite Church, Liberia

Light Mennonite Church shines the light of Jesus in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia, a place of tremendous physical and spiritual poverty. This church began in 2000 and has now started a sister congregation, Hope Mennonite Church. Liberian brethren pastor these churches, which together have 87 national members.

Please pray for these small congregations of believers. Satan is always busy, attempting to distract and destroy churches, and these small congregations of believers are no exception. But as people surrender themselves to God, His Word can go forth with power and change one life after another.