I was born in Mong Cai, in northern Vietnam, a city that borders China . . . My parents fled the country with me and my younger brother, and we came as refugees to America… It was in prison that God become manifestly clear to me, where before He was only a hint or a clue. This was the first time I’ve ever read or had a Bible.”

This letter recently came to a conservative Anabaptist-based prison ministry that sends handwritten notes, Bibles, concordances, and other literature to inmates across the United States. Through the Reaching Out to America program, CAM is equipping this ministry with Christian resources that enable them to reach nearly 5,000 inmates each year.

“Thank you, brothers, for the beautiful Bible you sent me,” another inmate wrote. “I thank God people like you exist who concern yourselves with us, the prisoners. I know that you love us even though you don’t know who we are.”

If you would like to help reach the lost in our country, please choose from the options below. Our goal for this program is to equip ministries that have zeal and opportunity for outreach but may lack funds or resources.