Hi. My name is Gladis. I am 17 years old and in sixth grade. I live with my parents and three siblings. I love going to school. This school benefits me so much because I have books and materials I need to help me study!

This year my parents weren’t able to pay for my schooling because we haven’t had crops for several years. Because of CAM’s Haiti-Sponsor-A-Child School Program, I can still go to school. My parents appreciate it very much.

I have over an hour to walk to school, and many times I don’t have anything to eat before I leave for school. They give me a meal at school and that really helps so I can study better.

Someday I would like to be a nurse. I don’t know how I will pay for it, but I trust God will make a way.

Gladis is one of approximately 8,000 students in Haiti who benefit from CAM’s Haiti-Sponsor-A-Child School Program. Thousands more have benefited over the years.

Rock Andre started attending a CAM-sponsored school in 1991. He recently wrote to us, “This school taught me discipline and the good attitude I needed to have a good career.” Today Rock Andre is a well-known economist in Haiti, teaches at a university, and has founded a center that helps people develop business skills.

Our goal for the Haiti-Sponsor-A-Child School Program is to help change the futures of Haitian children.  We want to give them a chance in life in a country rampant with poverty, crime, witchcraft, and corruption. Unless the children learn to read and write, they will be greatly hindered in studying God’s Word and making a positive contribution to Haitian society.

Through Bible classes, chapel time, and Bible memorization, God’s Word is being instilled in precious young lives at CAM-sponsored schools. We have no control over what happens to the children after they leave school, but our prayer is that the investment of sponsors will help make a difference in the direction of their lives.

“For every step I make in life, I am reminded of the humble and solid beginning I had at Ecole Bon Samaritain de Potino,” Rock Andre writes. “I am grateful to Christian Aid Ministries for having supported the school.”

To help young Haitians get an education, please choose from the options below. Monthly sponsors will receive a photo and information about their sponsored student.