Arpan* from Bangladesh works hard to earn five dollars per day to support his wife and children. With the costs of food, shelter, school, and other expenses, his  income is not enough.

To help in the struggle to provide, Arpan’s wife Amolika joined a SALT savings group that started in their village. The financial teaching at the weekly meetings gave Amolika hope of rising out of poverty. Each week she and each of the other savings group members contributed twenty-seven cents to the group’s collective savings. Slowly but surely their savings added up until the savings group members were able to take out loans. Some used the loans for urgent needs while others used them to start projects that create income.

Arpan and Amolika were fortunate to be loan recipients. The savings group gave them a sixty-dollar loan for their longtime dream of raising sheep. They used the loan to buy an expectant sheep. Several months later, the ewe had three lambs. The value of the family’s sheep is now almost two hundred dollars! They are extremely thankful to SALT for the help in providing for their family.

Vocational classes for Boko Haram victims in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the teaching at SALT vocational classes took eighteen-year-old Abeo from an attitude of vengeance to a spirit of Christ-like love. He has lived at an orphanage since the terrorist group Boko Haram attacked his family. The mob killed Abeo’s father and a few of his siblings.

Through SALT, Abeo is given the chance to learn a useful trade at the orphanage. Abeo attends SALT vocational classes where he learns tailoring skills and receives Bible teaching. He has plans to support his remaining family members through his own business after he graduates.

While sharing his story, Abeo said, “I am thankful I could come to the orphanage and school, because before I came, I wanted to be in the military to avenge the blood of my father and my siblings. But with the teaching of Christ’s commandments, I have forgiven Boko Haram for taking three of my family members’ lives.”

Please pray for Abeo, Amolika, and others as they use the teachings they have learned through SALT to positively influence their families and communities. Many people hear the Gospel for the first time when attending SALT meetings. Thank you, supporters, for helping our neighbors around the world become self-sustaining through teaching from God’s Word!

SALT is an acronym for Shared Accountability, Lending, and Teaching. This program reaches out to people in material poverty through microloans, savings groups, agricultural programs, vocational training, and Christ-centered teaching. Our goal is to walk alongside clients to help them use the resources God has placed in their care, and teach them the importance of following Jesus in everyday life.

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