Mitica and Rodica Burlacu live in Romania with their twelve children. Mitica, a deacon in the church, had been working at a hardware warehouse, selling construction materials, but when the business closed, he lost his job. Now Mitica works on his farm, growing what he can to provide for his family.

The Adopt-A-Family food parcel they receive each month takes a load off Mitica’s shoulders as he struggles to feed so many mouths. “These parcels are a big blessing for my family,” he says.

Despite their struggles, the Burlacus give thanks to God. “When life is easy, it is easy to forget God,” shares Rodica. “So often in Romania, when people begin to prosper, they turn away from the Lord.”

CAM staff drops off food parcels at the Burlacu home for five other families. As a deacon, Mitica is responsible to get the parcels to the families in his church who are on the program. Many Christian families in Romania deeply respect and appreciate the Anabaptist churches in America, because they have helped poor families in Romania for many years. “I don’t have sufficient words to say my thanks to these people,” Mitica says.

Besides physical food, the Burlacu family also receives spiritual food through the Seed of Truth magazine that comes with their parcel each month. “My children are very happy when the Seed of Truth arrives,” says Mitica. “‘I get it first!’ ‘No, I get it first!’ they say.” When the family has read the magazine, they loan it out to other families in their village.

As CAM staff left the Burlacu home, Rodica said, “I wish I could give something to you . . . but the gift I have for you is prayer. I will pray for you.” And that is the most precious gift of all.