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As winter approaches once again, we in North America are thankful for warm, cozy houses. But many families in Eastern Europe face winter with dread and uncertainty. How will they have enough money to buy firewood to heat their houses when incomes are low or non-existent and jobs are hard to find?

In Ukraine, poverty is common in the villages, and many households eat only two meals per day. Cold weather brings a new set of problems.

Pavlo’s income, like many others, is barely enough to pay for food and clothing for his family. He says, “Last winter, I cut down my orchard to have some wood for heating.”

When CAM staff heard about Pavlo’s need, they supplied him with firewood through the Warm-A-Family program. The dry wood is bagged and ready for the stove. This greatly relieves the family’s burden to stay warm during the cold months ahead. “We are very thankful to . . . all the brothers and sisters who provided aid in this difficult time for us and other families in our area,” Pavlo says. “Your generosity makes our hearts very thankful to God and you. It encourages us to help other needy people too.”

“Last winter, I cut down my orchard to have some wood for heating.” —Pavlo

Our distribution drivers encounter many situations like Pavlo’s when delivering wood to needy families. Each week they load 24 tons of firewood on a semi-trailer and deliver it to families who struggle to prepare for cold weather. Each household receives 2-5 tons of firewood to keep them warm through the winter.

Although communism in Ukraine fell two decades ago, many people in this second poorest country in Europe struggle to provide for themselves. Through Warm-A-Family, hundreds of families are blessed by the gifts of firewood, stoves, or coal that lessen their dread of winter. Thank you, supporters, for showing God’s love through these much-needed gifts!

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