Severe flooding in southwest Texas has damaged or destroyed approximately 1,000 homes and killed at least nine people. Several major freeways were flooded—more than a dozen people were swept away while inside their cars or homes, and remain missing.

“We have whole streets that have maybe one or two houses left on them,” said Kharley Smith, emergency management coordinator in Wimberley, Texas. “The rest are just slabs.”

In nearby San Marcos, Texas, damages amounted to millions of dollars. The flood damaged between 400 and 450 homes in this area alone.

Hundreds of homes have been flooded in Houston, Texas. Widespread heavy rainfall continues, making this area vulnerable to further flash flooding. Rainfall rates of more than four inches per hour were observed on the west side of the city.

The Texas Rapid Response team will begin cleanup as soon as conditions allow. We plan to set up the Loaves and Fishes food kitchen to serve meals and hand out literature to the hundreds displaced by the flood.

Please pray for the Texas Rapid Response team and Food Kitchen as they minister to the needs of those affected by flooding. Pray that God would comfort those affected by the floods.