Amir woke with a start. It was two o’clock at night in Asia and someone was shouting to warn him to leave his house immediately! The riverbanks were giving way. Quickly Amir woke his married son Firdav, whose family lived with Amir. But the water was already in their home.

As Firdav tried to gather his family, he saw a bundle float past. Recognizing it as his 18-month-old son, Firdav quickly threw himself into the water, managing to rescue the child just in time.

The water in the house continued to rise, so Firdav ripped a hole in the ceiling and pulled his family and Amir onto the roof to safety. Their hearts were pounding, but praise God, everyone was safe.

Thousands of families were affected by this flood. Now that the flood waters have receded, mud covers everything. Without adequate tools for cleanup, people are using their bare hands to remove mud from their houses. Mud left behind by floodwaters is filled with bacteria, and without proper disinfectants, many people face health dangers. CAM is providing some of these families with hygiene kits, cleanup tools, and rubber boots.

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