Vasile in Ukraine is a hardworking man, trying to fulfill his God-given calling to provide for his family. But the money he makes in construction work doesn’t stretch around to meet all the family’s needs. Besides feeding 14 children, there is clothing to buy, school expenses to cover, and a house to heat during Ukraine’s long, cold winters. The family’s small, four-room house is also in need of updating, but their resources are consumed just buying the basics.

Like many families in Eastern Europe, Vasile, his wife Natasha, and their 14 children work together to raise a garden each year. They depend on this as their main source of food, but they struggle to produce and preserve enough food to last the whole year.

Receiving a food parcel from Christian brothers and sisters in America every month is an answer to prayer and eases their load. Although the food doesn’t last for the entire month, they try to make the contents last as long as possible. Recently, in an effort to make the food stretch, they planted some of the beans from the parcel, hoping to produce even more beans!

If you wish to bless needy families in Eastern Europe or the Middle East, please choose from the options below. If requested, monthly sponsors will receive notices when parcels are delivered.

One-time Donation

Monthly Sponsorship

YES, I intend to give monthly donations to help sponsor a needy family in Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, or the Middle East. I understand that $75 provides a 50-pound or larger parcel of food and healthcare items.