Dragos Ursulica in Romania is doing what he can to provide for the needs of his family. His small business of growing vegetables puts food on the table and sends his children to school. But life hasn’t always been this way for Dragos and his family.

Just a few years ago, Dragos was receiving food parcels from CAM. This was a great help in feeding his ten growing children. But Dragos wanted a more sustainable way to put food on his table.  He and his family decided to forfeit their parcel for Family-Self-Support funds, an option we offer many food parcel recipients.

With the funds from CAM, Dragos built a small greenhouse and started growing radishes. The first crop of radishes thrived, and with the funds they brought in, he bought more seeds. Soon he was doing so well that CAM provided more Family-Self-Support funds to build a larger greenhouse. Dragos and his family now grow a variety of vegetables including peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

“I love this job!” Dragos says. He starts the plants in February in a small, heated section of his greenhouse. With the frigid temperatures in this area of Romania, it takes careful management to heat a greenhouse resourcefully. By summer, Dragos’s greenhouses are filled with beautiful lush plants, evidence of God’s blessing and the Ursulica family’s diligence.

Throughout the years, thousands of families in Romania and other countries have received the opportunity to start or expand small home businesses through Family-Self-Support. Not only can these families now provide for themselves, but they also have the opportunity to work with their children, teaching them the value of honest labor..

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