Thousands of elderly people around the world suffer from neglect and the hunger and sickness it brings. In economically poor countries like Romania, even able-bodied workers struggle to provide for their families and often have few resources left to help their elderly parents. The aging often rely completely on the charity of others.

Lucretia Toma is an elderly Romanian woman who has kept a spirit of gratitude toward God despite her struggles. She lost her husband eighteen years ago. “It’s been very hard,” Lucretia says. “Very hard, but thank you, Lord.” The food parcel she receives each month helps her get proper nutrition. “I can use everything in the parcel,” she says. “The oil, rice, and sugar are most useful, but everything is good.”

With shining eyes and a smile on her face, Lucretia blesses the donors who helped pay for her parcel this month. Although the donors live many miles away, they are like caring children and grandchildren to her. Though she lives alone, the dependable monthly food parcel makes Lucretia feel cherished as an elderly woman.

“Cast me not off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength faileth” (Psalm 71:9).