How would it be to live in such poverty that you anticipate the moment when someone will bring you just a few quarts of fresh milk?

Ileana’s life is little more than a matter of survival. This 84-year-old widow lives alone, forsaken by her only daughter. She receives a monthly pension, but that averages out to only about $1.70 per day. Most of that money goes toward medication. While we consider milk to be a staple grocery item, milk is a nutritious treat Ileana could never afford.

Ileana can hardly wait for her milk delivery each week. Her memory is failing, and she gets confused about when her milk should arrive. Not remembering when her milk was last delivered, she thinks someone should be coming with her milk each day. For this lonely, neglected widow, the friendly visit from the deliveryman is almost as meaningful as the milk itself!

Because she doesn’t have a way to refrigerate the three liters of milk she receives each week, Ileana cooks one liter and allows the other two liters to sour and then makes something similar to yogurt with them.

The vision for Milk-for-Many-Mouths is to have regular contact with forgotten people who live in remote and hard-to-reach areas. In addition to elderly people, the milk goes to desperately poor families and homes for the handicapped.

On behalf of Ileana and other milk recipients, thank you and God bless you, supporters! More than 1,500 lives are touched each week as our staff stop by, visit for a few minutes, and deliver precious bottles of nutritious milk.

“I drink a cup of fresh milk nearly every morning before running off to school. It would not be possible if it weren’t for the milk you bring.”

—child from a needy family in Romania

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