Yah Domah, a disabled woman in Sehweh, Liberia, has faced many hurdles. Growing up, she was healthy, strong, smart, and educated. But according to the local story, which may include superstition, some jealous person cast a demonic spell on her that gave her epilepsy. Eventually, the epilepsy affected her brain, and after some time, she was unable to walk on her own.

Before she received her first wheelchair from CAM, she used the old crutches she is holding in the photo. She, like many other disabled people in Liberia, had never owned a wheelchair before. The village of Sehweh (say-WEE) is notorious for witchcraft. But God is changing Sehweh. He sent Christian men to preach His Word there, and one night an influential man who was heavily involved in witchcraft turned to God. Other people also started turning to God.

The power of the Gospel and the change it is bringing to Sehweh are also changing Yah’s life. People have been taking her to church, and she is regaining her senses little by little. Pray that God would continue to glorify His name in the village of Sehweh and in the life of Yah.

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