Imagine you are at a small rescue center in Liberia, West Africa, called Hope for the Nations. All around you are mothers with malnourished children. One little boy draws your attention, his skinny legs spread out on the bare cement floor. Your heart tugs as his big eyes look up at you.

For this little one and many others, nutritional items from CAM can make the difference between life and death.

The staff who run the center see around 15-20 malnourished children every day. Some of the children stay at the center until they return to normal weight. Not only do the staff nurse the children back to health, but they also teach the mothers or caretakers how to properly care for and feed the children once they leave the center.

“These staff are literally saving lives,” wrote a CAM staff member in Liberia. “Several months ago, they were taking care of triplets whose Mom had died. The babies were chubby, healthy, and smiling. It did my heart good to know they were given a good start in life.”

CAM relies on product donations from generous companies to stock clinics and rescue centers that care for malnourished children. We are in need of more good products. Please join us in prayer for this need.

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