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A two-room, dirt floor house with only two double beds is home to Garry and Gaelle Pavilus and their eight children in Haiti. Garry makes some money by fishing, but he does not have steady work.

The family receives a food parcel from CAM every month. But with such a large family, the contents last only several days.

After delivering a food parcel to the Pavilus’ home, our Haiti field director wrote, “This family is poor to a level we can’t understand. It was hard to keep away the tears, and I have been here in Haiti over a year and have seen a lot.”

Haiti has the highest poverty level in the Western Hemisphere.

A $45 donation for International-Feed-A-Family provides a 35-pound or larger food parcel for struggling fami­lies in Haiti and other countries. If you would like to help, please choose from the following options below.

One-time Donation

Monthly Sponsorship

$45 provides a 35-pound parcel of food and healthcare items for a family in Haiti, Liberia, or Israel

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