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Wars, hurricanes, floods, and other crises bring untold suffering upon thousands. In the midst of this pain and sorrow, these crises often open opportunities for us to give help and hope with the love of Christ.

Help and Hope, Christian Aid Ministries

Rohingya Refugee Crisis in Bangladesh

Supporters’ generous contributions to the International Crisis program have allowed us to help crisis victims in numerous countries. Throughout this last year, CAM helped devastated homeowners in the Bahamas; provided firewood, Christian literature, and other aid to Ukrainians suffering from conflict with Russia; reached out to refugees in the Middle East and Bangladesh who fled war; and provided food for Venezuelans suffering from the economic crisis, along with various other projects.

Help and Hope, Christian Aid Ministries

Venezuelan refugee child in Colombia.

Your support enables us to continue touching the lives of suffering people in many parts of the world. Please pray that God would use this program to fill hearts with His hope.

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