Retired elderly people are some of the most disadvan­taged people in Romania,” says Elena Marza, CAM staff member in Romania. “Many need proper nutrition, medication, and care. They are waiting for a Good Samaritan to have mercy on them.”

The only income most elderly Romanians have are govern­ment pensions that hardly cover the cost of daily food, much less medication and heating bills. Life becomes even more difficult when their income must be spread out among family members.

Last year, Florica’s daughter and grandchildren moved in with her after her daughter’s mentally ill husband threatened them with a knife and kicked them out of the house. With a houseful of people to help provide for, Florica looks to God for help. When a Help-for-the-Elderly parcel arrived at her house, Florica’s grandchildren told the distribution driver that their grandmother was in her prayer closet. In spite of her failing physical strength, Florica keeps a strong faith in God and loves to share how He is providing for her.

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