European Gypsies
Jericho Road Program supplied funds for orthopedic shoes for this Gypsy girl whose legs are not the same length. With the shoes, she can walk without a limp.

Helping neglected European Gypsies

European Gypsies often live with the unfortunate stigma associated with their culture—they can’t be trusted. Gypsies often live in their own colonies, and those around them hold them at arm’s length.

CAM’s Jericho Road Program reaches out to this neglected people group in Romania in various ways. Our staff members distribute food, organize agricultural projects, operate remedial schools, and more. They give Gypsies the opportunity for a brighter future that doesn’t involve substance abuse, crime, and begging. Because of people who care, Gypsies learn about Jesus and His love.

Note: The remedial school portion is fully funded for 2019.