Almost anywhere in the world that CAM works, adult briefs are a critically needed item especially for the handicapped!

Augustina lives in a poor village in Romania. Three of her eight children are disabled, and her husband also struggles with health problems. Augustina does her best to care for the family, but the load is heavy to bear.

Adult briefs are a big need in Augustina’s home. Yet, at an average cost of $1 (USD) per brief, keeping them on hand is nearly impossible. Augustina is overjoyed to receive a box full of adult briefs from CAM each month, which eases the task of caring for her handicapped children.

We receive multiple truckloads of donated adult briefs each year. Although these items are donated, we have substantial procurement and freight costs. Each dollar donated to the Gifts-That-Grow program helps us procure $100 worth of donated products. If you would like to help with this program, please choose from the options below.

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