Do you have a soft, warm bed to sleep in at night? Does your mother cook delicious food for you so that you have something to eat at mealtime? Can you imagine what it would be like if you needed to find your own food and had no one to cook for you? What if you needed to find your own place to sleep at night and had nobody to tuck you into bed and pray with you?

There is a place called the Rhonda slums in Nakuru,* Kenya, where many children live like this. They are orphans or have been abandoned by their parents. They live on the streets and sleep outside. They often go to sleep hungry, not knowing if they will have breakfast when they wake up. To find something to eat, the children go to the garbage pits or beg from others.

But there is a glimmer of hope. A Christian couple in Kenya saw how some of the children were suffering, so they started to help them. They started a school on Melon Street. This school is a safe place where children get two good meals a day and learn about Jesus. Almost 500 students attend there.

Melon Street is close to CAM’s new base in Kenya. Not long after CAM opened this base, some of our staff visited the school on Melon Street. The students sang some songs for them. Then the staff gave them copies of 101 Favorite Stories from the Bible and bars of soap.

The next time you eat a good meal, take a bath in soapy water, or listen as your parents read Bible stories to you, remember the children from Melon Street and pray for them.

* Nakuru is pronounced nə kooˈ roo.

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