Meesha* from Ukraine was struck to the core when he read the September 2016 issue of the Seed of Truth magazine. Meesha had divorced his first wife, and his pastor had blessed his marriage to another divorced woman. But af­ter reading the articles “The Perma­nence and Sanctity of Marriage” and “Thou Art the Man,” Meesha was convicted of his immoral lifestyle.

“God prepared these articles for me and is pointing to me,” Meesha said. “I am the man. I have stolen another man’s lamb, and I am living with her. The other man is still alive. I am a great sinner. I need to leave all. I need to leave all for Christ.” Then Meesha began to weep.

Pray for Meesha as he considers this step. Pray that God would help him as he makes changes in his life.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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