Liberia is the world’s sixth poorest country. Many parents do not have enough money to send their children to school. Going to school as a student is a special privilege for Liberian children.

The International-Sponsor-A-Student program is making a difference for more than 200 children who attend the Light Mennonite and Hope Mennonite schools in Monrovia, Liberia. By giving $50 to the International-Sponsor-A-Student program, sponsors can brighten a child’s future. The education they receive will help them get a decent job to support themselves as they grow older, so that they do not have to join the hundreds of others who beg on the streets as a means of survival. Most importantly, a Christian school environment can affect a child’s spiritual future for all eternity.

If you would like to help Liberian children get an education, please choose from the options below. Monthly sponsors will receive a photo with the name and grade of their sponsored student. This program also supports a Christian school in Romania.

One-time Donation

Monthly Sponsorship