It could be me
Middle East In Crisis

It could be me

A mother worrying her unborn baby will die; a girl with degenerative eye disorder; a crippled boy with a bright mind and a weak body; a widow caring for her remaining family members, a sister and four children– it could be me.

A mother whose baby just died; the lady with scars from prison; the mother who recently lost her young son to accidental electrocution– it could be my mother.

The girl with calcium deficiency; twins without a father; an albino girl with no friends; the baby with a heart defect; a baby with Down syndrome seemingly dying; the little girl with hot water burns– it could be me.

The father devastated upon breaking his newly healed leg that had previously been shattered; the man trying to live a life again after solitary confinement– it could be my father.

Those worrying, not knowing if their husbands are dead or alive; those traumatized by scenes their minds cannot erase; those scarred physically for life from war– it could be me.

The family that just moved out of camp; the family that recently moved back to camp; the family that lost two children during the war due to starvation; the family that ate grass during the conflict in order to survive– it could be my family.

A village lying in shambles; skeletons of burnt, bombed vehicles; the smell of death; houses burnt; houses bombed; houses in heaps of rubble; people not being allowed to return and rebuild– this could be my village.

 “Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.”  Isaiah 1:17

written by a CAM staff member in Iraq