Ivory Coast refugees are streaming into Liberia. Political tension stemming from a recent presidential election has erupted into deadly violence. Thousands are fleeing this conflict.

Ivory Coast is not new to political upheaval. After the country’s 2011 election, violence killed more than 3,000 people and displaced thousands more. Many refugees who fled that conflict are again displaced by the recent upheaval.

“Many women and children were seen under trees, in the bush, trying to manage.”

—CAM staff member

Liberia and other countries bordering Ivory Coast are receiving thousands of people desperate to escape this violence. More than 12,000 refugees, most of them women and children, have fled to Liberia. Many communities are ill-prepared and overwhelmed by this influx.

CAM staff members in Liberia recently visited a community bordering Ivory Coast. This town already struggled under poverty. It is incapable to accommodate the recent flood of refugees. “Many women and children were seen under trees, in the bush, trying to manage,” reported our staff.

Ivory Coast refugees, Christian Aid Ministries

Rice and beans ready for distribution

CAM plans to provide basic food items like rice, beans, and oil to these refugees streaming into Liberia. We are also distributing Bibles and Christian literature to point people to God in this time of difficulty.

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