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Like many people in his culture, Marin Roman, a paralyzed Gypsy in Romania, lives a “hand to mouth” existence.

Gypsies, as a whole, live with a stigma that dates back to the 1800s when they were enslaved. Because of shame and rejection, Gypsies often avoid socializing with the outside world. As a result, many of the children never attend school or drop out early. As adults, they lack stable jobs. Crime, begging, substance abuse, poverty, and disease are common problems in Gypsy communities.

CAM staff recently dropped off a few sacks of potatoes for Marin and his wife. Distributing food is one way our staff can have meaningful contact with Gypsy families and show them the love and acceptance of Jesus.

Jericho Road Program also reaches out to Gypsy communities through remedial schools, agricultural projects, summer Bible school, home Bible studies, and Christian literature. If you wish to help minister to this people group, please choose from the options below.

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