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Liberian Orphan


Grace is a Liberian orphan. Her mom died when she was a baby, and Grace has never seen her daddy. She looks like she is less than a year old, but no one knows how old she is. Another woman took care of Grace for a while, but then she brought Grace to an orphanage in Liberia and never came back to get her.

Now Grace lives at the orphanage, which is a place where other children live who don’t have moms and dads. The people at the orphanage took good care of her, but they did not have enough money to buy the nutritious food that Grace needed. She only got rice and cornmeal to eat.

When some people from Christian Aid Ministries visited this orphanage, they noticed how sick Grace was. She was so thin that her skin hung loosely on her tiny bones. They wanted to help her so they helped the orphanage buy good milk for Grace. This milk had vitamins and other nutrients that helped Grace to become strong and grow like other children. After Grace started drinking this milk, she felt much better and started gaining weight!

Grace has another name in her tribal language. Can you guess what it means? It means, “I will live.” God cares about Grace, and we are so thankful that she has been given a chance to live. Today, she is a healthy, growing little girl.

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