Meybi and her four children live in this house in rural Nicaragua. The food parcel they receive each month gives them a lift.

Living with Little

A heart disorder forces Meybi from Nicaragua to use some of her meager income to buy medication. This leaves very little money to buy food and clothing for herself and her four growing children. With an income of only $10 a week, Meybi has to plan carefully and make do with very little to survive.

“The food parcel is a great help!” says Meybi, whose husband has left her. Her little girl loves the dried vegetable soup mix that comes in the parcel. Meybi prepares it with the rice from the parcel.

For Meybi’s family and about 750 other needy families in Nicaragua, the food box frees them up to use some of their precious income to buy other necessary items. Thank you for lifting their burdens!