Eighty-year-old Ana Gonzalez walked for three hours, then bussed the final two hours to come to CAM’s Balm of Gilead Clinic in Nicaragua, a clinic supported by Medicines-for-Multitudes. She had bad sores due to poor circulation and complained of many aches and pains.

At the clinic, the staff taught Ana’s granddaughter, who accompanied her, how to wrap Ana’s legs to improve her circulation. They sent Ana home with leg wraps, vitamins, and medicines, including Tylenol PM since she had been having trouble sleeping at night.

Before coming to the clinic, Ana had visited the hospital, but she said she likes coming to the clinic better. The hospital did not treat her very well and told her they would amputate her leg. Ana and many others enjoy the kind care they receive at the Balm of Gilead Clinic. They are also grateful for the free medicines available through the Medicines-for-Multitudes program.

More than 540 medical outlets receive donated medicines through CAM. If you would like to help ship medicines for people like Ana, please choose from the options below.

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