When a disaster strikes where you least expect it, in the safety of your own homes, it comes as a shock. “I didn’t know where to start or what to do,” wrote Vicki after a flood in South Carolina. “Then a man named John Beiler came to my door and told me about CAM. I just cried with relief.”

“I had no flood insurance,” she continued. “I have lived in this home for 26 years and have never seen anything like this . . . the floor, furniture, rugs, walls, cabinets, etc., were ruined and moldy. When the crew came, they were so very nice, professional, and helpful. I want you to know how much you all mean to flood victims when you show up—relief, joy, wonder, and a sense of thankfulness that is hard to put into words.”

Through cleanup and rebuilding, Rapid Response Services and Disaster Response Services help people across the United States who have been affected by floods, tornadoes, or other disasters. This is possible because of the donors and volunteers who support this ministry. These projects provide an opportunity to shine the love of Jesus into homes in our own country, and touch the hearts of those who have lost much.

To help make it possible for our volunteers to provide help and spiritual support to people affected by natural disasters in the United States, please choose from the options below.

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