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About five years ago, Emilson Antonio in Nicaragua accidently bruised his leg on a rock while harvesting sugar cane. Shortly afterward, an infection developed. The infection soon spread from his leg to his hip, slowly eating away at his hip joint.

Emilson visited various doctors and had a number of minor surgeries, which gave him only temporary relief from the terrible pain. For more than four years, he suffered and was unable to walk. Emilson was desperate for help. When he pled for help from one doctor, the doctor yelled at him, “I can’t do anything for you . . . you don’t have any money! This is the way your life is going to be. Get used to it.”

Then Emilson found out about Dr. Carlos, a Christian doctor connected to CAM’s medical program. With Dr. Carlos’s help and funds from CAM’s Special-Needs-Fund, Emilson was able to have a hip replacement. Although Emilson’s hip joint was almost completely gone, the surgery was successful, and the doctors were able to repair his hip.

Emilson is still on the road to recovery. His strength is starting to come back in his leg, and he is starting to walk on his own! “My life has changed completely,” Emilson said. “It’s a miracle from God, the doctors, and you all, that I’m able to walk again!” He hopes to return to work at the end of the year and be able to support his family again.

While waiting to go into surgery, Emilson told CAM staff, “Thank the people for me who gave the money to make this surgery possible. Without your help, we could never have afforded to have this done.”

The Special-Needs-Fund is used for pressing needs, such as medical emergencies and house fires. To help people in their emergencies, please choose from the options below.

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